The synthesis process of NRP 74 "Smarter Health Care" has begun

The Research Council approved the NRP 74 synthesis concept in the spring of 2020. Six synthesis teams have begun working on topic-specific syntheses.

The aim of the synthesis programme is to find answers to the most serious challenges facing the Swiss health care system. The target groups for this synthesis are policy and practice decision-makers who have the potential to bring about changes in health care. These groups will be actively included in the synthesis process.

The synthesis process is divided into three phases.

The first phase involved defining six key areas of interest that will define the structure of the synthesis programme. These are:

  • Quality,
  • Patient choice,
  • Coordination and care models,
  • Costs and reimbursement,
  • Health care data,
  • EHCL+ - Building a community of researchers, decision-makers and practitioners.

The second phase involves synthesising the research results of the 34 projects in the six areas and summarising them in policy briefs. These will then be discussed in dialogues with stakeholders, and options and recommendations for action will be formulated and submitted to decision-makers in the Swiss health care system. In 2022, the principle findings will be presented at a synthesis conference and then published.

In the third and final phase, the main messages, products and recommendations will be circulated to stakeholders.

On 21 October 2020, NRP 74 will hold its third internal programme conference, during which the six synthesis teams will present their concepts and the contributions from the 34 research projects to the six key areas will be discussed.