Working Papers on six thematic focal points of the NRP 74

Six thematic working papers, serving as a basis for the NRP 74 programme synthesis, are either already available or in preparation.

Six teams under the leadership of the Steering Committee and with the significant contribution of young researchers (EHCL) and primary investigators synthesised the research results of the NRP 74 along six thematic areas and discussed the findings in stakeholder dialogues.

The resulting six Working Papers "Patient Participation", "Coordination and Care Models", "Quality of Care", "Cost and Reimbursement", "Health Care Data" and "Building a strong research community (EHCL+)" serve as the basis for the final synthesis of the NRP 74. The main results will be presented at the NRP 74 Synthesis Conference on 11 and 12 April at the KKL Lucerne.

Two of the six working papers have been published on the NRP 74 website; the rest will follow in the coming weeks.