Four NRP 74 stakeholder dialogues took place

Researchers and stakeholder jointly discussed research findings of the research programme and its projects.

NRP 74 researchers discussed the findings and conclusions of the programme and its projects with decision-makers from more than 40 institutions and organisations in the Swiss health care system.

In June, two stakeholder dialogues dealt with the topics "Costs and Reimbursement" and "EHCL+"; between September and November, the dialogues focussed on "Quality of Health Care", "Health Care Data", "Patient Participation" and "Coordination and Care Models".

The results of the stakeholder dialogues were taken up and further developed at the NRP 74 programme conference on 8 November. They will be incorporated into the synthesis and recommendations of the NRP 74, which will be presented at the Synthesis Conference on 11 and 12 April 2022 in Lucerne. Register today!