EHCL awarded for science slam presentations

Three Emerging Health Care Leaders were awarded for presenting their doctoral theses in a science slam format at the NRP 74 Synthesis Conference.

​One part of the NRP 74 Synthesis Conference was dedicated to the NRP 74 Emerging Health Care Leaders (EHCL). The EHCL programme has been training young researchers over the past five years to become future leaders for the Swiss health care system. At an EHCL event the day before the conference, they had the opportunity to present their doctoral theses in a science slam format. With their enthralling and entertaining performances, they demonstrated the skills they had learned during the programme. A jury consisting of members of the NRP 74 Steering Committee selected the three best presentations. Congratulations to the three winners (in alphabetical order):

  • Alexander Kutz (NRP 74 project 18): Make it stop
  • Andrea Martani (NRP 74 project 10): From science to policy: a journey against the wind?
  • Emily Reeves (NRP 74 project 16): Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

These three science slams were presented and awarded at the Synthesis Conference. For those who missed the presentations: a recording is published on the NRP 74 conference website.